Friday, January 11, 2013

An Overdue, Exciting Update

I know, I know. I'm a bad, bad, BAD blogger! It's unbelievable how life pulls us along at a frantic pace sometimes. Homeschooling our five kiddos and running to all of their activities keeps me away from the computer most days and leaves me exhausted every night. In spite of us, Hydration 2 Others continues to grow and be blessed. If you follow us on Facebook, there are more frequent h20 updates on our fan page. Look us up so you can stay in the loop!

I'll do a little update here:
  • The Clovis Water Walk in October was a success! Despite the windy, chilly day, we raised over $2000 toward well #4!
  • We have two new t-shirt designs that have gotten great reviews from our fans. Congratulations to Anneliese Nauck on winning our design contest! We love it!
  • We heard exciting news from Kenya. While our team was in the village last June, at the dedication ceremony for well #2, a pastor who had been attending the pastoral training done by our team announced to those gathered that he was starting a church. It's called Celebration, after our home church of Celebration Baptist. The church has grown and thrived and now has a membership of about 100 people! They are planning to build a church soon, so they can have their very own place. How amazing is that??!! Our God is SO GOOD! Our mission is to spread the gospel through the work we're doing. It's so exciting to hear how many lives are being touched through our passion for clean water and the work our team did with the teaching last summer. People are being saved and lives are a changin' ya'll!
  •  Ok. Now. The big one...... Well #4 is COMPLETELY FUNDED!!! Exactly one year ago, the first team was in country to see the installation of #1. In twelve short months, the funds have come in for three more wells. Thousands of lives are being saved, and changed, and it's all in the name of Jesus.
  •  Here's a reminder of where we were a year ago:
  • We have a big, gigantic exciting announcement coming up soon! We need to work out some details, but God is doing BIG work in Kenya!

I tell ya what, we are so humbled and grateful for this ministry and the many people who support it. When our son's birth mother passed away three years ago from causes related to lack of safe access to clean drinking water, it was not in vain. Because of her life, thousands of lives are being saved and redeemed! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to create this legacy.

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