Sunday, January 15, 2012

Launch Party

This is part of the worship at the h2o (hydration 2 others) launch party in Siaya, Kenya. Most of these people are new believers. Isn't their joy beautiful and contagious?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Floyd, Edwin, and Tom in front of the drilling rig.

My dad, Edwin, with the completed project yesterday.

The team is back in Nairobi. They have some things to do there in the Korogocho slum and then they'll fly out on Thursday night! Wow! Can't wait to hear and share the details of their trip. Here's one thing that Zach has shared:
Zach: Where do you stay?
13 year old boy: That way (points)
Zach: Do you fetch water for your family?
Him: Yes. From the river. It is far (points again)
Zach: So will you be using this well?
Him: Yes! ...Where do you get your water?
Zach: kind of comes to me in my house...
Him: Oh. You are rich! of many humbling experiences in the village...

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Well is Almost Complete

I spoke to Tom again today. The team is still in the village. They were supposed to head back to Nairobi today, but won't do that until around noon tomorrow.

He said that there were a few delays with the new drilling company, but now things are going good. The well is almost done and should be completed tomorrow.

For people who sent things to their sponsored children, Zach has seen them, spent time with them, and he also took pictures. He gave them the gifts and all of the kids were excited to receive them.

Tom says that he will send pictures of everything when he's back in Nairobi. Everyone is doing great.

Please pray for the well to be completed on schedule tomorrow and for safe travels for the guys. Also for them to see how we can minister to the people of Korogocho, the slum in Nairobi where they will be spending time for the rest of the week.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Update From Tom

Tom, Anna, and their children
I just finished chatting with Tom on Facebook. How amazing is it that I can sit at my computer and talk to a friend in a remote Kenyan village??!!

The team arrived in Siaya at 2 a.m. this morning [Thursday]. I'm sure they're completely exhausted, but Tom says that my dad, Floyd, and Zach are doing well.

Today they had the h20 launch party. They planted trees at the well site and my dad shared with everyone about how hydration 2 others came to be.  

Unfortunately, there was a setback. The drilling truck broke down on the way to the drill site and they had to hire another company to do it instead. They are waiting for them to arrive. The plan is to start drilling in the morning and go straight through for 48 hours to "catch time".

Tom says, "we are just waiting now. People are so excited and very nice pictures so far but can't wait when the entire work starts."

They hope to have some pictures uploaded by tomorrow night. Wouldn't that be fun?

Please continue to pray for this venture. For no more equipment to break. For the health of all involved. For people to hear the Gospel. For lives to be transformed.

Thank you, God, for giving these men the opportunity to serve others!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Update from Kenya

We arrived safe and on time in Nairobi at 7am local time this morning and it's been a great day, if perhaps a little exhausting. Edwin and Floyd enjoyed the day.
Everything is set for the well and we're going to hit the road tomorrow morning. It will take most of the day, especially if our leave time of 9am turns into 10:30 (It will. Hooray for Kenya time!). We'll stay out there through Sunday night and head back to Nairobi on Monday. While in the village we'll have a "launch party" on Thursday at which we'll start the drilling, provide lunch for people and tell them about H2O, the story behind this well, and what it means to taste true living water. I'm so much looking forward to this visit - prayers for lots of chances to share the Gospel and Christ's love are much appreciated!
I don't know that we'll be able to communicate much, but will keep you all posted as much as possible.
Thanks for your prayers and everything you're doing! In Christ,

They Made It

The guys arrived in Kenya last night around nine our time. It was seven in the morning in Kenya. I talked briefly with Tom while he was waiting for them at the airport, but I have not communicated with any of the men. I know they probably spent today in an exhausted haze. I hope to hear from them before they leave for the village, which I think is happening tomorrow? Or it might have been today. I do know that the well is supposed to be drilled tomorrow, January 4!

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